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can turn a profit on this for loudoun county, boohah to you. >> reporter: the public sponsor ed displays had been limited to ten on a first come, first serve basis. the announcement received national attention. >> when you get the acla and ken cuccinelli agreeing on something, you may wonder is the end of the world near? >> reporter: the board of supervisors will vote on the matter on wednesday night. in virginia, bob mcdonnell is expected to unveil a plan to impose a 4% tax on all bars and restaurants. according to reports, the 4% tax includes a 1.5% tax on all stores and restaurants that sell liquor and 2.5% tax on the overall annual sales. the money raise would make up for the money lost if the state
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privatizes the liquor store. he believes the changes could bring in $260 million a year. today may feel like summer but tomorrow more like fall? >> we have cooler weather moving in. right now a front coming into the mountains triggering much needed rain, a couple of little showers down in the southern eastern panhandle of west virginia. that is drifting over maybe crossing into the shenandoah valley. elsewhere, no precipitation, just a few clouds coming through. it's a balmy morning. 76 at national airport, montgomery arlington, in the of 60s. we'll have a few clouds coming through as the weak front comes in. a very small chance of a passing shower, now until around noontime. and then tomorrow, yes, turning cooler after we get into the 80s today. a blustery wind this afternoon
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with the dry conditions. will increase the fire hazard. no outdoor fires allowed. because anything that does get going, could get going quickly with the dry conditions. cooler tomorrow and friday with the sun back. ashley has our traffic this morning. how is it looking? >> it is a very good morning this early morning. we're picking up overnight road construction around the beltway. the inner loop gets the clear as does the outer loop. out of maryland, the pace is quiet this early morning. the headlights are leaving college park heading for silver spring and bethesda at the current speed limit. >> consider this when you're stuck on the beltway or one of the other major highways on the way to work. the washington region has some of the worst highway systems in the country. the reason foundation was particularly critical of
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maryland and the district in the annual highway study. maryland was marked 43rd. it's among the worst of the country. washington received low marks because of traffic and poor pavement conditions. virginia came in at 18th, which is actually six slots lower than a year ago. we're following a developing story in colorado. firefighters worked through the night there. they are trying to contain the massive wildfire that has already destroyed more than 90 homes and buildings. the fire broke out monday morning in boulder county and has been burning out of control ever since. the governor declared a state of emergency and 3,000 were forced to leave their homes. officials are investigating reports that the fire started when a car ran into a propane tank. fire destroyed two dozen detroit homes. 60 fires reported and strong winds fanned the names. the fires may have started when
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dead tree limbs fell across power lines. police in howard county are looking into whether a woman's death was a result of a domestic dispute. in the 6000 block of majors lane yesterday, they found the body of a woman in her 30s and found a man suffering from undetermined injuries. police believe the injuries occurred before the fire started and the victim's names have not been released. the man accused of shooting at the bethesda woman is waking up in jail this morning. officers say prince fired at his ex-girlfriend yesterday morning in the apartment complex where they both lived then he took off. the woman was not hurt. court documents show she did file a protective order against him last week. the candidates are urging
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supporters to cool down. campaign workers for mayor adrian fenty and grays have clashed at polling sites. both sides accuse the other side of spitting. gray has suggesting may police may be needed to keep things under control. d.c. police are reviewing security with the board of elections. and new today, federal investigators are looking to a threatening message found in one of bathrooms inside an airplane. it happened on a flight from bangkok to los angeles. the plane landed safely at lax. passengers were rescreened at the security terminal. they have not released what the message said. >> it is an issue that is fueling debate around the world. a small florida church planning to burn the koran on september 11th. this morning secretary of state hillary clinton is condemning those plaz. reverend jones says the
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constitution considers his right to burn the book considered holy. he says he received death threats and now carriy iey ies >> we believe our president plays it down. we believe people are afraid of radical islam. >> these are provocative acts. they are disrespectful and intolerant. they are divisive. as for president barack obama, he will mark the ninth anniversary of the september 11th attacks at the pentagon. joe biden will be on happened for events in new york and michelle obama will remember the list lost in a ceremony in pennsylvania. they say the facility will
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have separate prayer sections. the imam writes the attention surrounding the project reflects a degree to which people carry about the american values under debate. recognition of the rights of others, tolerance and freedom of worship. he also said it is critical that americans not back away from completing the project. it is 4:37 on this wednesday. ahead here on "news 4 today." a political announcement in the midwest could shake things up at the white house. changes being made at the virginia dmv in response to the drunk
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the washington monument on this early, early wednesday morning. very early. 4:40. 74 degrees already. that's a few degrees warmer than the past few days zbh you get an idea of how craig is feeling. >> we're up and alert and happy. >> thank goodness for that, tom. >> that's a forced grin, if i ever saw it. . this morning we have temperatures around our region in the generally mild 70s and there is a live view from our radar showing a little patch of green and blue in west virginia just about to drift that
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rockingham county. we've been parched here for the last number of weeks. there's a weak front coming through that may give us passing showers. highs today in the 80s. the sun is back with a blustery wind this afternoon. you have to watch out for wildfires. blustery winds tonight and tomorrow. 50s tomorrow morning and mid-70s friday with bright sunshine. and morning lows 50s. so some cool weather coming in for a few days. a look at sunday into next week in ten minutes. we are starting off very quietly this early morning. 95 out of virginia, very quiet as you can see the headlights leaving newington through the springfield interchange, no problems to and across the 14th and freeway and anacostia river bridges are in great shape. the pace by colesville is nice, no big problems to report this
4:42 am
early morning. the bw parkway and 95 in maryland are also wide open. it's now 4:42. still to come, the jetblue flight attendant who made a dramatic exit, some conditions laid out to keep him out of jail. >> a big deal may be brewing, and we may bringing. who says the redskins are talking about albert haynesworth. the job that [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon.
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loudoun county leaders will vote on whether to allow reridgeous displays outside of the county courthouse. dozens showed up to voice their opinion on the issue. it started last november when a resident based commission decided the county should ban all religious display iz.
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the washington region has t some of the worst highways in the county. maryland was ranked 43rd out of 50 states. virginia ranked 18th, six spots worse than last year. federal investigators are looking into a threatening message found in one of the bathrooms on a plane. it happened on a thai airways plane. it landed safely at lax, the passengers were taken off and rescreened at the security terminal. vincent gray is asking for more police and polling sites. campaign workers for both gray and fenty have clashed at polling sites in recent days. in one case they accuse each other of spitting. d.c. police are reviewing security with the board of elections. president obama may be looking for a new chief of staff. long time mayor of chuck chick richard daly announced he will not seek re-election that means
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he may have to find a new chief of staff if rahm emanuel decides to run for the office. it's no secret he would like to run some day, but he said he would work for daly's re-election if he would run again. how president obama plans to rescue the on monday he pitched a plan to recreate jobs and today expected to draw a line in the sand over tax breaks. tracie potts has more. >> reporter: individuals earning over $200,000 and couples over $250,000 and wants to spend 2 billion on transportation projects and create 200 billion in tax breaks, giving small
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businesses more cash to hire new workers. >> we're talking investments that are creating hundreds of thousands of private sector jobs right now. >> reporter: all paid for by ending tax breaks for big companies. republicans say it's the wrong approach. >> i don't think the american people want stimulus spending coming out of washington. we need to get our arms around the out of control spending. >> reporter: it's designed to help ailing democrats in november, facing an electoral sick of washington politics. >> it should be the driving force, not whether you're a democrat or republican or somewhere in between. >> reporter: president obama hoping the promise of more jobs will convince voters to stick with his party. the president can't get any of it done without congress and moat members for congress are up for re-election this year. nbc news, washington. an illegal i mmigrant accusd
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in a drunk driving incident that culled a nun will face grand jury murder charges. he was driving drunk when he crashed into a car with three nuns inside. one died. the felony murder charge is the moat serious brought. the prosecutor says that the charge is warranted because the his third. bob mcdonnell directed dmvs to no longer accept federal employment authorization cards as a form of legal residence. that's how he got his driver's license. in a matter of hours, bp will release the first report on the explosion in the gulf. >> reporter: it was an explosion that triggered the worst oil spill in u.s. history. 11 rig workers killed in more than 4 barrels of oil into the
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gulf of mexico. now, 143 days later, bp is about to release findings of the internal investigation into what caused that explosion on the deepwater horizon oil rig. the british oil giant will put some of the blame on itself. including the misreading of pressure data that showed a blowout was imminent and failures to test for natural gas leaks from the well that led to the explosion. while the oil giant may take on some responsibility, the 200-page report is also expected to put blame on the owner of the rig, transocean. just what role they may have played hasn't been released. but bp has said the entire industry can learn from the disaster. >> i think the entire gulf of mexico energy will be altered by this incident.
4:50 am
>> reporter: the release comes as the fbi begins to inspect the failed blowout preventer brought up from the sea floor over the weekend and now a crucial piece of evidence into the justice department's criminal investigation into the accident, an accident and disaster that the government has promised those responsible will pay for. kristen dahlgren, nbc news. bp says it will release its report around 7:00 this morning. you can read the report for yourself at the redskins player may not be a redskin much longer, the team is looking to reportedly trade albert haynesworth. they have resumed talks with the titans, he has been at odds with mike shanahan since hired in the spring. haynesworth collected $32 million since signing the whopping $100 million contract with the redskins before last
4:51 am
season. big al. >> 32 mill. >> might be heading to tennessee? >> to be mediocre down there. >> that's a lot of money. >> that's as much as a talk show host. >> that's a different level. >> this morning as we look outside, we do have a few clouds coming through and they are part of a front that will be passing through here over the next several hours and may give us a passing shower. in washington, 76 at national airport, rainfall almost 6 inches below average. we're going to have blustery winds developing this afternoon and with everything parched, we have to watch out for wildfires. right now on radar, we are getting a little bit of rain, it's beginning to show up, entering rockingham county, there's one little shower there. elsewhere, no precipitation this morning. we do have temperatures around the region in the 70s.
4:52 am
it's a balmy morning. prince george's arlington, fairfax in the low 70s. the eastern shore now the low 70s. we have a front coming into western pennsylvania triggering a few sprinkles there. this area of light rain may move into northern virginia may move into the area. we'll be in the 70s through much the morning. by noontime, the low 80s and during the afternoon, a clearing sky with blustery wind will be in the 80s but then turn cooler with gusty wind. down into the 50s tomorrow morning then climb to the 70s. still a bit blustery with sunshine. sunny on monday and diminished wind. 70s again on saturday. sunday and next week there's a chance of rain but rooks hike it will be out of here in time for the game.
4:53 am
good morning, let's dive right into virginia, 95 leaving fredericksburg, no big problems through woodbridge. here's the pace through lorton. along the far side heading up through the capitol beltway. as we travel elsewhere out of maryland along 270, here's the pace past montgomery village, no major tie-ups to report. the beltway is also in the clear and no big marc train delays to start you off and metro is has everything running on time for now. next time you drive through georgetown, you may notice a big change at one of busiest intersections. drivers heading towards the city on m street are allowed to make a left turn on wisconsin avenue. a bus stop was relocated in order to make room for the change. transportation officials say the change was made at the request of the residents and community
4:54 am
leaders. >> but that left turn, have you ever been stuck looking to make the left -- i don't live in the area, i guess i don't care about the parking spots. the time is 4:54. a federal warning about popular drink claims. ♪ i believe in yesterday >> sir paul mccartney has reason to plan another trip to d.c. the jetblue [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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the former jetblue flight attendant may escape jail time. steven slater appeared in new york yesterday. his attorneys are working on a plea deal to allow him to get community service instead of hard time. he has agreed to undergo a mental evaluation as part of the plea deal. a warning to makers of two popular drinks, the fda wants canada dry and lip ton to stop making what they say are misleading claims about their green tea flavored beverages. the amount of anti-ox dants canada dry claims are in the ginger ale aren't verified.
4:58 am
the company executives have 15 days to respond to the citations. a prince george's county police officer is facing assault charges accused of threatening a tow truck driver with a gun. officers arrested daniel early outside a bar in oddington. the tow truck driver says he attacked him and shoved a hand gun in his face. daniels was off duty at the time and has been charged with first and second degree assault. this morning police are looking for the man who stole several guns in a home invasion. it happened in the 5200 block of dors et avenue. the man knocked on the back door and forced his way in. he stole four guns and ammunition before taking off. the anacostia water front is getting a major face lift. crews will transform the old navy yard into a major mixed use
4:59 am
development called the yards. city leaders unveiled plans for the $42 million river front park. it's going to include residential, retail office space and bike and walking trails as well. each year the kennedy center selects a handful of artists. opera winfrey and paul mccartney will receive honors at the event. mccartney what's chosen in 2002 but had to back out because of a family obligation. bill t jones will also receive honors. >> choreographer. >> that's a tough one, especially at 4:59.

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